Isolation Trio polymer

Go with the Flow

Isolation Trio polymer
Isolation Trio

And this pandemic has really changed our flow, hasn’t it? Voluntary quarantine and isolation affect each of us differently. Most creative types welcome a chunk of time without interruption. Of course you do need supplies and food, right? And it’s spring garden time, right? Yup there are distractions!

But I’ve finally burst through the creative block, and the work is flowing again. Shown here is a trio of necklaces.

The top one features a polymer clay mokume gane focal bead, bounded by Murano glass foil-lined beads on a leather cord.

The middle one is made of my “Sand Jewels” polymer beads and tiny moonstone spheres on a sterling chain.

The lower one is a polymer “Power Coin” with faceted labradorite on a sterling chain. Please click on the image for a closer look.

I like the trio statement!

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