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Skunk blockprint
Skunk blockprint, Rebecca Martinez

Recently I learned of a shamanic belief about the Skunk. I’ve always had an affection for these beautiful and quiet creatures, and the story resonated with me. I never knew I might be able to consider an animal as my “totem,” but it’s possible that I could embrace the Skunk, Power Animal; Symbol of Self Respect, Reputation, Sensuality and Self-Esteem, as one of my totems.

After realizing how the Skunk’s distinct black and white markings warn the other animals to respect this quiet creature and keep their distance, I had a thought. Perhaps we all somehow instinctively respond to distinct black and white markings with respect. Is that why people wear black and white to the most formal events? Why black suits and white shirts are donned for business meetings and judicial proceedings? It could be…

In honor of these thoughts, I began creating a series of black and white polymer pieces. Large and small, fancy and rustic. Next, I’ll compose them into earrings, necklaces and pendants, and bracelets. Here is a photo of a few of the polymer pieces.

Tuxedo, beads are made


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