mokume gane Hoop Earrings

Happy Days

Happy Days Hoop Earrings

This is a small collection. It will never be reproduced exactly because it was a spontaneous idea created from a demonstration I did last summer during Eisley Nursery’s “Art in the Garden” show.

These pieces incorporate the mokume gane (mocha may gone eh) technique. Layers of various colors of clay are pressed thinner and thinner. The resulting “pad” of unbaked clay is distorted by pushing objects into the clay then removing them. A thin slice is removed from the pad and placed on top of a slab of clay. This piece may be cut into shapes (I’ve used many doughnut shapes here) and baked.

This is just some of the new work I’ll be showing at AUTUMN ARTS STUDIOS TOUR this November 9-11. Hope to see you here!

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