Millefiori bracelets

Millefiori Demonstration

Contrasty ColorsI’ve mixed up some nice contrasty colors of polymer clay for my caning demonstration at Auburn Old Town Gallery. Visit me to see the “millefiori caning” presentation. I’ll show how these detailed beads are made and how they relate to the similar glass technique, made famous by the glass artists of Murano, Italy.

“Glassies” is a special exhibit and reception for the Glass Artists of Auburn Old Town Gallery. The reception is Friday, July 7 from 6 – 8 pm. The show runs for the month of July.

Auburn Old Town Gallery is located at 218 Washington Street in Old Town Auburn, CA.


Okay this isn’t a typical style for me, but I kept going in the millefiori style. It was good for me! And here are the resulting beads. I’m thinking they have “Flower Power!” Of course my favorites are the more abstract pieces I did with the scraps.

Ok, I’ve been busy creating some wearable pieces from the millefiori beads. Here are a few.

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